February 07, 2007

Bona fides?

There's been a little bit of a buzz recently on the Bangladeshi blogosphere regarding Sajib Joy Wazed's entry to the blogosphere. [See here, and here, for example, for a sample of reactions] But I have a question: How do we really know this really is Sajib Joy Wazed who's posting?

It's true 'cos I read it on the internets. But seriously though, reading it on the internet should add to rather than subtract from skepticism. Some more reasons for skepticism: Inconsistencies in the spellings of names - Sajib/Sajeeb (granted, you see both spellings though in even the YGL citation), Christine/Kristine (Kristine really is NOT the normal way to spell the name, though to be fair, it can be spelt that way), the absence of any traditional AL colors in the blog, and just the general tone of the posts.

I really hope it's not a fake though. The entry of a Bangladeshi politician into the blogosphere is a positive thing. But I would like to see some bona fides...

UPDATE: So Asif tells us, in Drishtipat's comments, that he believes Salam Dhaka is a credible source. That gives me more confidence in the blog as real. And Sajeeb Joy Wazed himself acknowledes the doubt and writes:

"Someone asked if I was the real Sajeeb Wazed. Yes, I am. I have not asked
one of our people to put up a link on AL’s website, but check there in a few
days. It’ll be up. Thanks for the idea."

I guess we'll know for sure when the link is up. Recognize, Sajeeb bhai, this age of being able to talk directly with our politicians is also an age where we WILL NOT take for granted or as truth every claim that you make. We WILL ask for bona fides, for it is our right to do so.

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SUSHANTA said...

Many of my frnds are telling me for few days that this is not JOY of Hasina's son. So i was in searching about the matter.Finally I got the answer. Tnx a lot for updating.