February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

I will steer clear of commenting upon empty theological debates about celebrating Valentine's Day. I will also try not taking any potshots at the yearly windfall generated for the gift-card industry, which estimates that 1 billion valentines are sent world-wide. Of course, the various Archie's and Hallmark shops in Dhaka (including the Archie's at New Market - how long before there's one even at Gausia/Ga-chhuwa!) are probably doing crisp business as well...

The Economist's blog (yes, even the Economist has a blog these days!) says everything I would want to say, in a post aptly entitled the Cost of Love:

"Demand on Valentine's Day is what economists call highly price inelastic, meaning that large increases in the price have only a small dampening effect on demand. Very few men will dare show up without the requisite red roses merely because a dozen of them now cost three or four times what they do on an ordinary day—not if they want to keep their sweetheart, that is. Likewise, the drive-thru is not a very good substitute for candles, wine, and filet mignon, so restaurants charge accordingly. Even so, they don't charge a market clearing price; in New York, it is thought well to book at least a few months in advance if you want a decent restaurant, longer for a really good one.

Is there any hope? "

I like the ending:

"And, of course, remember that money isn't everything. The most romantic thing I've ever heard of was the broadway producer who, when he was poor and starting out, gave his future wife a bowl of peanuts, which was all he could afford. "I wish they were emeralds," he told her. Thirty years later, when they were rich, he gave her a bowl of emeralds.

"I wish they were peanuts," he said. "

OK, I'm officially a sap...

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