January 30, 2007

Kob’e Holam Probashi?

It often just creeps up on you, a tad insidiously sometimes. College, grad school, a few years of work experience in between, and after, and then some. And before we know it, we’re wearing the Probashi label and looking about a little confused, wondering where the last decade vanished.

Often we actively seek out others like us and sit around, often over the cha’er cup and chanachur, and try to find the right avenues to connect, reconnect, reach out, explore, discover, learn, understand and make a difference.

Once you’ve found your niche within the many expatriate initiatives, maybe you’ll contribute with ideas, with your volunteering time, or with constructive criticism. Maybe you will help these initiatives grow. In turn, maybe you’ll be inspired, informed, or hopeful!

“Kob’e Holam Probashi?” is one such expatriate initiative that I wanted to share with you today. Presented by Drishtipat London, it is the Premier Screening of “Deshantori” (Migrant), followed by a discussion and live performance.

Deshantori tells the tale of 26 migrant workers who left Dhaka with dreams of making it big in the glitzy “foreign” lands of Spain. It tells of their journey in 2005 through the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea – a journey fueled so powerfully by hopes of a brighter future, yet a journey that only a fraction of the original 26 eventually survived.

The docudrama showcases a fascinating depiction of perspectives from across the cross section of the youth of our country, striving to leave home to join the migrant community. It revolves around the question that pops up ever so often, “Is this the country we fought to create 35 years ago?” and invariably ends in our youth’s infallible national pride and optimism, despite deep frustrations.

Deshantori is a must see. For all of us. The diaspora community benefits from a reawakening and a renewed connection – often the critical first step towards real meaningful involvement and contribution. Those of us in Dhaka will share in on the invigorating experience, and will feel spurred to greater civic consciousness.

Deshantori was screened informally in Boston last fall, and more formally at the Owning Our Future initiative in Dec 2006. It was screened last week in Dhaka, and will continue to be screened at different locations in Dhaka. On Feb 3, it will be screened in London. I believe there’s word of it reaching New York sometime in April, with a few more screenings planned for Boston as well. So stay on the lookout!

“Kob’e Holam Probashi?” will be presented on February 03, 2007, by the local London chapter of Drishtipat (http://drishtipat.org/). Drishtipat focuses on safeguarding human rights and social justice in Bangladesh. Their tagline of “Hear, Speak Out and Help” clearly demonstrates their strong commitment towards Awareness, Assistance and Advocacy. They have local chapters in NYC, DC, Boston, Virginia, Canada, London and in Australia and you can contact them to find out how you can be involved.

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Naina said...

BBC Radio will interview Mridul regarding his co-directed film ‘Deshantori’ (www.deshantori.com) on Friday, 2nd Feb, at 1240 GMT. It will most likely be streamed over the web as well.


"Friday 2nd Feb
1240 As the premiere of Deshantori (The Migrant) takes place in London, the film's director Mridul Chowdury talks to Nikki about Bengali cinema"

At the Premiere of Deshantori, they will also be be taking your calls on a live show tomorrow at Bangla TV (London) from 7 PM in the Friday Plus show with Urmee Mazhar.