January 30, 2007

Owning Our Future

Often, my friends tell me that they want to be involved in somehow affecting the way things work back home in Bangladesh, or they want to volunteer and help out in some way. The frustrating block then is – how? As young academics and professionals residing outside of Bangladesh, do we always have access to information regarding the various avenues through which we can contribute to Bangladesh?

I’ve recently been involved with Owning Our Future, an initiative about a few months old, and with its roots in Boston and Dhaka. Part of the organizers’ vision to distinguish this endeavor from the countless other diaspora-based volunteer organizations is to start with a strong base in Bangladesh, and to help forge a bridge between the diaspora community and our home.

A bridge that will close the information gap and raise awareness about career opportunities, professional growth potential and ways to be involved in Bangladesh. A bridge that will close the gap between the need for expertise and professionals skills at the grassroots level in Bangladesh, and the wealth of resources that we share amongst us in the diaspora community all over the world. A bridge that helps us come closer to home, regardless of where we live, scattered throughout the world.

To share ideas and get involved, find them online.

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